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CCCamp 2023

The Chaos Communications Camp 2023 will be taking place from August 15 to 19, 2023 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg near Berlin, Germany.

Tickets are sold openly on a first come, first served basis. This is happening in at least three batches,details are here.

The Scottish Consulate will be a sub-village within the larger Milliways conurbation. We will be participating in Milliways excellent kitchen. Milliways planning information is here. Add yourself to the Milliways participants page here to help them with kitchen and infrastructure planning.

Scotcon Attendees

If you have been fortunate enough to grab a ticket and you'd like to attend under the banner of the Scottish Consulate, to take advantage of our sparse and meagre amenities, then add yourself below.

Name Ticket Origin Arrival Date Leaving Date Transit Method Extension Bringing
Nicko yes Edinburgh TBD TBD Flight TBD Whatever the airline lets me
tj yes ABZ (but somewhere in Germany) TBD TBD Flight TBD Cameras and funny hats
Phine yes ABZ (but somewhere in Germany) TBD TBD Flight TBD stickers
tdr yes Dublin 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD stuff for a workshop
jester yes Dublin 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD
Dan yes Dublin 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD

Consulate Space and Layout


Details of any roofrack-based tent haulage schemes go here.

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To edit the wiki, sign up and then hop into irc and give hibby or tj a nudge.

You have to do this - when you sign up you're dropped into a user group with read-only rights and we would like to verify you're a real person!

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